The Donald’s rise to be king of his pride has been a difficult journey this year, one filled with constant dangers.

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    16 replies to "Trump in the Wild: 2017 – A Year In Review"

    • J.Jeff

      This is just stupid.

    • number51oco

      Blinded from rage, and from staring st the sun…

    • ashleigh f

      That was the opposite of funny. Boring

    • Unboxing Deutschland

      Cooles Video gefällt uns, echt gut geworden ? Schau doch auch mal bei uns vorbei würden uns freuen. Ein like hast du sicher von uns ?

    • Peter P

      the biggest asshole on this earth!

    • RtFla

      Drain the Swamp

    • JeauSchmeau

      Funny or Die is as irrelevant as this comment… trump2020

    • Centaurs Apocalypse

      Please can this be made into a real documentary?

    • jeg5gom

      What a great year, baby… ANWR finally to be opened for practical use, Guantanamo confirmed to stay open (thank you, Obama for being such a wuss and chickening out of closing it! Hehehe), Obamacare being dismantled one executive waiver at a time, tax bill on the books and the economy finally showing some reeeeal muscle, and the U.S. has stopped acting like the wimp that Barry almost turned us into. So cheer up, my liberal friends, 2024 is juuuust around the corner!!

    • islandhunter5342

      I was hoping this would be funny, but it's fucking dumb.

    • old dog city pound


    • Reese Labbe

      A guess this is die.

    • Louie Smyth

      2 Million new JOBS
      17 year low in unemployment
      Best stock market highs in US history
      WELL DONE PRESIDENT TRUMP…..Hope u snowflakes enjoy these facts.. MAGA

    • matatanXtreme

      After watching this video I realized that Hillary is still not the president of the USA and that makes us ( Donald supporters ) even happier.

    • Kaleb Abbrat

      trump is gay

    • justin

      Said whatever, I still will vote for Donald

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