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Insight to Israel takes Matt, Beth, & Bonnie to the Temple Mount to get a history lesson about the TRUTH of the Jewish owned, muslim occupied, Temple Mount from Doron Kedar, Cry for Zion.
Cry for Zion: https://www.facebook.com/cryforzion/

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    1 Response to "Truth on the Temple Mount – Cry for Zion"

    • Guido Oppezzo

      Of course there are Muslims there, as you are in the beautiful Al-Aqsa complex! This place is holy in Islam, and thanks God the Waqf authority protects the area and the architectural patrimony (the Dome of the Rock, the Dome of the Chain and the Al-Aqsa mosque) from ultra-Zionist extremism that intends to destroy the complex.

      And modern Western
      democracy comes from Ancient Greece traditions, the Ancient Roman Republic legislation and French Revolution actually, not the Torah (Tanakh)…

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