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Joan Hunter says the key to 2019 is to raise your level of expectancy—to receive what God has in store for every area of your life, starting now!

Honor God Through Your Expectations to Prosper in Every Area of Your Life
Jesus came that we might have life and have it to the full. But what do you do when your experiences differ from the truth? Push back. Sincere expectation has power.

Joan Hunter’s Prayers and Promises for Financial Breakthrough gives you motivating testimonies, key promises of Scripture, prayers and powerful declarations to do just that.

Joan says God is not changing His mind. You are both qualified and deserving. Scripture is clear — “Forget not all His benefits.” Joan clearly reminds you with no-nonsense keys to health, peace, blessed relationships, provision…everything God’s goodness implies.

God has more than enough for you. There is no end to the increase of His Kingdom. 2019 is the time to honor God with your expectancy, and Joan’s 3-CD Benefits Package and companion CD Promises of Abundance will get you focused for the new year ahead.

Joan Hunter is a compassionate minister, dynamic teacher, an accomplished author, and an anointed healing evangelist. Joan is the daughter of the Happy Hunters, Charles & Frances Hunter.

▶▶Get your copy of God’s Plans to Prosper Package by Joan Hunter: http://bit.ly/2GVnFk2

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    23 replies to "Use These Spiritual Keys for Financial Prosperity! | Joan Hunter"

    • Paula Bianca Holy Spirit

      The Lady ,your God, can Bless your soul even much more than the Lord your God. For She loves Her Daughters much more than you can imagine right now!!😅

    • Mama Africa

      It's Super supernatural Obey God and he will guide you and God is Able Don't give up on God because he won't give up on God bless you all thanks Sid for sharing this video God bless you

    • Ionela Nendrean

      Iisus există 🙏te iubesc enorm de mult Iisus 💖💖💖 și te rog ai grijă de toți oamenii din lume…Mulțumesc Doamne 🤗

    • Marie Savannah

      Praise the lord i have been asking God for a break in my fiance then I came across this message i can wait to see his blessing in my life so i can share it with others


      This shows increase my faith in God and in every situation..God bless you Sid

    • Allen Ball

      My Highlights from this message..

      Obey Jesus’s spirit that’s trying to make you Holy

      (Ask Jesus for pretty much everything you need, Jesus says to stop worrying “Fear is the opposite of Faith” if you worry, Jesus can’t help you)

      Time to grow up, all or nothing, ye little children. Time to stop worrying right now.

    • Lydia Chen

      Please pray God will provide a very good buyer for our cafe store in Jesus name, all our debts been canceled.


      Sid,much love from Kenya to you and ISN family…

    • solid disciple

      Get ready the rapture is going to take place soon


      God told me to click on this. What an answer to prayer!

    • Nick Zetta

      Can you get David Hogan on your program

    • Isis Holy

      THANKS BILLIONS OMNIPOTENT GOD אֱלֹהִי manifesting DIVINEs Empowering & Firing on thy's servant isisfong once of my life time LOVING GOD יהושוע marriage together serving in *GOD JESUS POWERFUL MERCIFUL NAME of glorying THE unique ***LORD ALMIGHTY GOD HEAVENLY FATHER יהוה ** its done amen thank you Evangelist Sid

    • Rich Allen

      wat keys? o yea another book sale

    • Cenepk101

      Prosperity? 😳That’s so 1980’s

    • Nathanial Dev

      Praise the LORD. Your videos are very much informative we are really blessed with your videos. What the person is telling in video you please put the titles / information in English language below the video.

    • Melissa Westerwelle

      Amen glory to God

    • yelena nikora

      Thank you 🙏 I’m so blessed but I would lake to ask to pray for my friend she has cancer her name is Galina thank you very much

    • Dorte Gensky

      Thank you , Saw Joan Hunter in Calgary this past October, great teacher

    • 죄사함예수님 십자가 보혈의 은혜로

      “And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood,”
      ‭‭Revelation‬ ‭1:5‬ ‭KJV‬‬

    • Van Hellslinger

      Socialist, Atheist,Liberal & Democrats

      SALaD Heads or Socialist, Atheist, Liberals and Democrats are in reality all SAL's but we are obligated to the formalities that Democrats pander politically. They collectively are an Fickle Foe, as the Socialists bounce back and forth from Communism to Socialism. The Atheists can't help themselves, a mish mash of multiplicity akin to a Philosophical Schizophrenia or Philophrenia as they bounce around depending upon their mental state. Liberals if they are not fighting conservatives in some organized gathering tend to bicker and bite at each other over the slightest political correctness. The Kevin Hart case the perfect example, as Liberals are short of ordering him a Polygraph to see if his apology is genuine. Well what do you expect of a group that is bonded by drug and alcohol abuse, sexual issues and are frequently obligated to find alliances from as deep as the deepest and darkest prison to self righteous Satanists that are praying to get the Witches and Warlocks their first openly Satanic Congressman or woman. AND finally the rest of the Party that is those that are just old fashioned Democrats. And there lies the "Straw that Breaks the Camels Back." When you remove SAL from the Dog he loses his bite. Democrats that are family men and women, church raised and loyal to some union or work related association can only stomach so much from their own parties others.

      That's or this is where I come in. I start with Quantum Consciousness, that is what old fashioned religion refers to as Life After Death, the Resurrection of the Spirit, God, Ghost and the Holy Spirit. Adding some Science to the formula isn't new, but as the Mapping of the Human Brain is gathering momentum and other sciences likewise, I can say with confidence that the direction is looking good for us that do in fact believe that Human Consciousness Survives Death. The 2013 Harvard experiment of Fusing Photons successfully is the tilt that makes it possible for me to say the human soul is a Fusion of Bio-Photons inside the Microtubles, Axons and Neurons of the brain . The trillions per second EMP Spikes per second is in all probability the energy that causes Blood Gases attached to the Embedded Messages being transported inside or attached to the bio-photons. We are metamorphing like Caterpillars to Butterflies but we emerge as Winged Angels of a New State of Matter, that need the fluidity and the radiation in the brain to metamorphosis. And an God or in my case an Astronaut God-King that is millions of years ahead of us and breathes a Psychokinetic energy on our souls to raise us up, much like a Hen warms her eggs to life. The theory needs some work and it needs a little more help, but it is plausible enough to make and break the Democrats Core Values Group. They are not far from us all along, and just need a little push. May God our Father tilt the politics our way and send His Holy Spirit upon those who are ready to find the Fact that Christ is Risen from the Dead!

    • Elisabeth H

      In agreement in Jesus name, that I'm blessed and prosperous in every area of my life, heath, peace, love and finance in Jesus name. AMEN..

    • Persian Bright

      Sid , Oh Sid ! Money Money Money 🙂

    • k odu

      I like this woman sooo much!

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