Alex Jones breaks down new developments in the Las Vegas massacre that prove the mainstream media’s narrative is contrived and created to conceal the truth behind the tragic event.

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    26 replies to "Vegas Cover-Up Collapses! Hotel Warned Police Before Shooting"

    • Justmiss jamey

      I like Eminem. He's is entitled to his own views, and to speak them. That's the beauty of this country. Also, I think Eminem is pretty much low profile for the most part and lives in Michigan (I'm sure he has homes in other pleaces)buy he raised/raising his brother, his daughter, and I believe one or two kids from kim (his daughters mom) and by all accounts seem to be a stable and great dad

    • john clark

      We will brace for November 4th something big will happen

    • Jellotuna

      I think it was on the speakers. Everyone that is injured seems to be a crisis actor.

    • xerravon

      SMOKING GUN info??? has anyone looked into this?

    • Jay Dub

      the security officer didnt have a license to work as security? i worked security in vegas and that wouldn't fly..Especially a hotel security officer..

    • Kelley Shockley

      We have been sold a bill of goods

    • Jandre Kroeze

      DAESH/Mossad & CIA are working together to realize the greater Israel project/NWO. Mossad likes to impersonate DAESH and do assasinations Worldwide. The Hegelian Dialectic is in play. The devil is the author of confusion.

    • Mike Woosley

      why you say the FBI.. hell you know as well the cell phone companys work for the feds…all they left us was a few thumbnails… skits that's all we have to look at…garbage videos.. don't show shit….but we the ppl make idiots famous… all we are doing… they are telling us who did it on the skits thumbnails… news flash I don't want to see the 5 garbage vidos anymore… over an over…see what I'm saying.. the same cab driver video over an over…an if ya got ear phones you can hear the bitch laughing …an the person she had in the car with her…car doors opening an closing… an Whisper's who ever she had with her…the whole time action like everything was funny .. an never videoed anything worth shit…but she did let us see the yellow sheet cop walk by…big mistake… I say the same one in the hands up cops walking out the hotel with the one money bags dude….let's keep showing the same damn vidos lol hahaha…she me a new one from someone that's new on not been touched by the thumbnail makers

    • Shawnda Zarate

      I notice the photo of the supposed shooter, seems fake as well as other of the photos. I noticed the blood on the guys face, with suicides in the mouth I have seen that the blood runs down the face onto the neck not up the face, seems the head would have to be in a extreme backward position for it to go into ones eye's… the blood on the floor looks old, not fresh. I'm not a professional I just noticed other Real suicide photos. Can someone look into this? Also where is his 13 tattoo that was on his neck? It's not in the suicide photo.

    • Fall 4 Now

      Eminem is PATHETIC!!! HOW DARE HIM!!!

    • Douglas Herr

      They might as well, theyre taking boys who think they're girls

    • sammie tallerico

      Eminem got more money then any of you smh

    • sammie tallerico

      Your starting to sound like a racist…..unsubscribe. You lost my respect

    • sammie tallerico

      Eminem is far from fake. Your about to lose fans. Watch your mouth

    • Alan jonathan


    • Barbara Keats

      I can see why Alex has been going off the hook. He knows the truth and no one will believe what is going on. I believe Alex, I've been around the block and the world a long time. Don't give up Alex!

    • Chase Freedom

      Our Government needs tragedy. So it creates it. Any future tragedy should have all in vicinity with video rolling! We cannot allow a few to pay the price. This Governance is beyond unjust. The absolute priority for those Hunting Americans is to make sure we are unarmed and compliant. I pray America awakens. God Bless

    • 419 inkpens

      It is the Tesla Howard Hughes and hookers room 3327 you worthless shill cunt

    • gail simmons

      Not bondholders Shooters

    • gail simmons

      Bondholders shooters

    • gail simmons

      I saw a document that they were doing a drill at Mandalay 3 days earlier bondholders in hotel

    • Fal Sea

      I have just had this out with another channel.
      The maintenance guy said HE HEARD SHOTS but that the shots had NOT YET begun in the hallway. (Did you get that?) The shots then stopped, and it is then when the security guy told him to take cover, that the shooting began in the hallway. He then told hotel to call 911.
      SO, he heard shooting YES?, BEFORE shots were fired in hallway YES?. So does that not TELL YOU that the GUN FIRE he first heard, were shots that were being fired into the crowd?! MAN, doesn't ANYONE LISTEN to what people SAY IN INTERVIEWS? Go LISTEN PROPERLY!
      I am TOTALLY SURPRISED at you running this story without checking the facts! Either someone at Info Wars has begun lately to help in making you look bad, or they are inept. I do though genuinely BELIEVE that Info Wars has been INFILTRATED. I said this before when you were going on about this paraphernalia that was supposed to have been seen in the room, RELATING TO ANTIFA, and ISIS. That info, i believe, was dis-info Alex. This guy is no more connected to ISIS than you are, or me, or Millie, or, no i can't be bothered going through all the names of your staff. But that is my thought on that…not that my thoughts are any more relevant to you than the thoughts my cat has. The thoughts my cat has is another story, and if you don't mind, i would really like that to be kept private….if that's okay! The last thing i need right now is for my cat to be going around like he is better than me, or that he may even start using Illuminati signs, and may get into all that Satanic stuff. Then all i'd see on the internet are video's of my cat with claims that he is a clone, and then more videos showing how his eyes shape-shift, with slits in them. SHIT, he already has slits going from top to bottom. I'm doomed. ……Hang about, since when has he been going to Hollywood! And we live in England!. I tell ya, i knew he was crafty, but sneaking away on planes to Hollywood to meet up with pedophiles and satanic gay rappers, the likes of Eminem, who by the way is not gay, but bends over anyway for his homies, JUST TO BE NICE! Aww, what a dude!
      But yeah, this is serious and the last thing i need right now is a gay cat that thinks it's a rapper. There is such a thing as feline AIDS-no joke, so better get it checked out because if human AIDS gets mingled with feline AIDS, that may be the start of a new strain, that could end up destroying every human on the planet. So now that changes everything. DEFCAT 4. I only came on to fix a mistake of yours and now i'm leaving with plans to save all humanity. Crazy how things work out. I'll let you know how things progress, and if i don't pull through all of this mess, just remember………………………………………..keep up the RESISTANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Focus Fourteen

      Eminem is one of the worst racial tyrants of the last century. People like him need to take there children on a car ride and drive off the nearest bridge all buckled in and windows down.
      White America is waking up from this atrocity of diversity.
      Blacks will stay exactly where they've been on societies totem pole. At that is at the very fucking bottom

    • Carmindy Stevens


    • brody boy geralami


    • Chainsaw Surgeon

      Has anybody seen any obituaries on these 58 dead ? Any funerals ?

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