The 2017 Values Voter Summit brought many excellent opinions to thousands of activists in Washington, DC representing 48 states. And Brigitte Gabriel did just that.

Check out to see the full speaker line up, and other events which happened at VVS 2017. The Family Research Council hopes you will join us next year!

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    22 replies to "VVS 2017: Brigitte Gabriel"

    • mickeyh1961

      You tell em Brigitte , bet you won't hear this or anything like this on BBC CNN ABC RTE CHANNELL 4 NBC CBC etc …all globalist propaganda machines with one aim destruction of western society and it's people's.

    • Santa PM

      In all her talk…her message is same….blah blah…my 9/11 happen in 1975…blah blah…let me tell you 1400 years history of Islam in 5 min…blah blah. Just paid by the Jesus gang…an another gang that thinks there is this imaginary man in the cloud, and he is ok if you are a pedophile in the church.

      Really people fall for this shit

    • Matthew

      I am in love with Brigitte.

    • Matthew

      Democrats/Liberals hate America so much and our values they will do anything to reduce the White race and destroy this country. Let's be honest. Bringing all these immigrants into this country is for votes and the browning of America.

    • John Cherry

      What a strong ,honest and beautiful woman. GOD BLESS YOU BRIGETTE

    • paulhalton100

      Incredibly sexy woman and so passionate about her subject. I have learned so much about Islam and it's history in the last day or two since discovering by accident an earlier video. Speaking a lot of sense too.

    • Hunny L

      Next US President. You have my support

    • Computer User

      she is they type of legal immigrant we need and want.

    • Computer User

      No more terrorist barry the muslim soetoro.

    • Arcadia Defense

      She is such a passionate person! I love her story! I feel very close to her story(despite not living through war) but being half Turkish and witnessing alot of the same middle eastern history from a far.

    • Farrah Irana Eftekhar

      Brigitte a Whore

    • Money Honey

      THE BLACK ARAB WHORE IS DANGEROUS LOL She duped many naive Americans.Her real name is Hanan Qahwaji , a notorious apologist for the fascist Phalange group, Kataeb, and the terrorist group, the South Lebanon Army (SLA), who were responsible for the Sabra and Shatila massacres that slaughtered 1700 to 2000 Palestinians (mostly women and chidren).Her story is that she grew up during that nation’s long, and bloody civil war. It was a war that claimed many lives and saw many factions shift alliances and allegiance. Groups that were enemies in the morning became allies at night. Indeed, Muslims fought Muslims and Christians fought Christians.She seems to play up this milieu to justify her views, as if we should – moved by her “alibi” – automatically excuse and accept them. But her alibi is objectionable since most Lebanese who grew up during this same war did not turn out as raly racist as she did.She gained too much money through fabrication and became the CEO, President, and Treasurer of ACT for America. She started two organizations, American Congress for Truth (ACT), Act! for America that receive plenty of funding and “donations” from the likes of the goonish Christians United for Israel and others. Maybe she thinks Americans are gullible or maybe she is a true hypocrite as Andre Gide said.islamophobia pays well , she got rich but she does not seem to know that Muslims come in all shapes, sizes, attitudes ethnicities, cultures and nationalities.Naive people like u package her as a serious thinker, which she never has been, confusing many who don't know anything better.She is settled within the lucrative business of all Muslim- Bashing and islamphobia policy , .She became one of the richest lady through lies , propaganda , and fabrications .Brigitte Gabriel, born Nour Saman, is a professional bigot. She is paid very generously to lie to audiences and incite hatred.. She is supporting the Masonic plan of America's involvement in three world wars. She has turned the Christian God of love into a God of hate. She's just another fake! Fanatic for Jesus , Brigitte Gabriel is A She-wolf Hiding Under Sheeps Clothing.Lies, Lies, and More Lies helped her to become the CEO, President, and Treasurer of ACT for America.Things quickly escalated when Fox News contributor Tamara Holder blasted Act for America President Brigitte Gabriel as the “most dangerous person in society.”

    • Monika Janku


    • Kelly Hill

      Chobani yogurt employs alot of refugees,when i read about that,I said never Will buy it again, there's no telling what these people are doing to this yogurt,they hate American's,in England a kabab shop got busted they were putting shit on food

    • Johnny Whitsel

      Gorgeous AND intelligent?! Can I have???

    • Sheila Price

      God bless you and the truth Gabrielle….Political correctness stifles truth and demands people not think for themselves…..Listen to our premier Trudeau in Canada for instance……The UN is a beast and one of the worst offenders of human rights….Spiritual wickedness in high places (which WILL soon be brought low)…There are way too many Jezebels around in these end times …so its good to see a Deborah rising up…God protect you sister for your bravery and being my mentor

    • marinalewis0814

      Brigitte, you are GREAT! You are speaking for me and for many, many Americans and loyal immigrants!! Change the world! Bring a big light to the life of real American people, American patriots and to those who wants to become a part of this beautiful country to develop and see a prosperity of their life and see happiness of their children!!!! Love you!!!!!!

    • John Pereira

      Brigitte Gabriel is Angel Gabriel to Americans

    • Terry Paton

      As a UK citizen… I've made it my life goal to move to America. The way Europe is going right now… I may be coming as a refugee if I leave it too long 😂

    • Sammy sam

      the real threat to the United States in the world is Israel Zionism in the Jewish lobbyist and not the Muslims Iran or North Korea.. no free pass to Saudi Arabia Qatar Kuwait the UAE and Isis these are the Pawns of Israel exterminate them all but no the Real Enemy it's Israel… Donald Trump just gave Israel 38 billion dollars while Israel continues to commit crimes against humanity Trump and Pence should step down before the White House ends up in Israel the country can run itself terrorism begin when the Jews murdered Jesus Christ it got worse in 1947 when a bunch of Zionist Jews got together and invaded the sovereign country of Palestine killing and leaving Millions homeless if the Jews do not invade Palestine we would have no 911 no USS Liberty no levanta fair no Munich Germany Boston bombings have been killed because of Israel and Zionism the root of terrorism is Israel and Zionism stop supporting the terrorist state of Israel and here we have another b** Brigitte Gabriel who is a well paid Zionist Jew collecting millions of dollars off of ignorant scared old sick Americans. … Brigitte Gabriel buried her parents originally in Lebanon a few years ago she dug them up and buried them in Israel … may God damn her and the illegitimate apartheid terrorist state of Israel

    • Jerry Hack

      This woman is awesome!

    • Kevin Krostosky

      End the U.N.

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