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    • fishface494

      Christianity didn't have a great deal to do with killing and torturing others ,it was generally their own u know protestants and Catholics , im not sure u could blame Christianity for what happened to the Mayans and Aztecs in south America,[ that was greed ] or the Indians in north America, Christians weren't shouting out death to unbelievers ofr god is great when any killing was done , Jesus was all for love and treating people with kindness so i don't think u could kill or torture in the name of Jesus [ unlike Mohammed ] well from what i know anyway

    • Safcforme

      Two things. 1. What the hell is it with the disjointed editing? 2. 'Often' OR 'at times' Oftentimes???

    • Dennis Durkop

      Official English version of Saudi Arabia Sunni Sharia Law so one can read it and understand why to hate this vile evil bigoted backward political ideology against the kafir who the pagan cult of Mohammadians consider lower than animals easy to kill like chickens as the reason to have this foreign law made illegal within the 50 states and United States as WILL undermine our rights and freedom over time if we do not take a stand now forcing all politicians of both major parties to do our biding:

    • therealhotdog

      that's right fuck your cousin over generations  and see what we get now

    • NCS Sounds

      Hey, good work

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