Kimba Wood, the judge currently presiding over the Michael Cohen case, is one of the foremost jurists in the country.

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    • Stephanie Rodriquez

      Old ugly skinny hag

    • Justin T.

      Kimba Wood is a Soros Clinton plant. Google her

    • Mike Lawrence

      play boy bunny, love judge, who presided over George Soro's wedding…hmm … so we know she is a fine upstanding conservative who hates the deep state and new world order. sure.

    • abraham scott

      CBS news, you are devil, your subscriber count is 666k

    • Leave my guns alone Vile Libtards!

      Kimba Wood – Soro's backed lackey of the Clinton CGI.

    • DudeWatches

      Weathering humiliation in order to bring trust and unity is something a president and great leader must be willing to do. I hate Trump, I despise his tactics, his obvious lies, and his brute demeanor. I'm not sure if he is a TRAITOR, but I am sure that he is a criminal. This is why he shies from the light.

      The man is a festering pile of 70 years of being either a spoiled rich kid, or a real estate conman. If he weathered this with dignity, if he was clean and his friends were not crooks, then he would have flipped me hard.

      But already he has conducted himself like a literal angry teenager, and many of his associates and acquaintances are being revealed as money launderers, propaganda specialists, foreign agents, and fixers, who clean up the mess that their criminal clients leave behind.

      The real question is, how does he manage to deceive those who prop him up and crawl around his feet? These false patriots, who would willingly yield their rights and common sense to be praised by Donald Trump? Who disbelieve fact and pardon all sin and misdoings in his favor? Who forsake their own ideals as republicans in favor of Trumpism?

      Don't believe? Since when are Republicans in favor of Federal power and control? Since when are they in favor the President's power to punish states for enforcing their own laws and standards? Since Donald Trump began feuding with California. Not a whisper of descent, not from Fox News, or the people they claim to represent.

      Since when do Republicans choose to favor the punitive power of the Government over a law-abiding private entity? Since when are they in favor of the President's power to hurt a perfectly lawful business? Since when do they favor the Total Overreach of the Executive branch, not just into other branches of the federal government, but at every level of private business? Since Donald Trump began feuding with Amazon's CEO, just because he owns the Washington Post.

      Would Republicans allow Obama to Persecute Texas for not being as lax on immigration as he wanted? Would they stand behind threats to pull support and aid, even while Texas experiences a natural drought and has a pandemic of forest fires? Would they cheer? Would they praise his right and authority to do so?

      Would Republicans chant praise to Barack Obama if he began to attack the owner of Fox News by attacking his other businesses? Would they repudiate his opponents? Would they make light of his threats and direction? Would they ignore it or praise it?

      Modern Republicans under Trump DISGUST me.

    • Edi2003

      Well Sean, we're about find out!

    • jimgonewild909

      btw she's also tied to the clintons!!!

    • G L

      Stop trying to trash good people

    • TruckerExile E

      She is going to be the hero that gives Donald Trump the finger

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