Brigitte Gabriel, leading expert on global islamic terrorism and chairman of, discusses why Facebook is shutting down conservative voices during the immigration debate.

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Originally aired on theDove TV & Radio Thursday, June 21

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    5 replies to "Why Facebook is shutting down conservative voices – Brigitte Gabriel"

    • 1022rebelreddog

      Obama gave the usa invention the internet to the united nations in 2016..

    • Jason Smith

      under the free-market theory, Facebook will face competition form a new entity, willing to allow freedom of speech. it is only a matter of time.

    • Lisa Marie

      FB shut down my account because I wrote a comment about illegal criminal parents dangerously bringing their children into our country, illegally, as they come for handouts. FB sent me a message that it was a "hate comment". But notice how FB allows all kinds of comments of hate, mockery, vitriol, etc against President Trump, Republicans and Conservatives. It is disgusting that FB does not let people comment about illegal immigrants.

    • Tamara Magdalene

      Facebook took down my Jesus posts and told me I was inciting violence with hate speech. But all I was posting were Scriptures and my love for Jesus.

    • bill canupp

      This woman is Awesome!!
      Calling an illegal alien, undocumented immigrant is like calling a drug dealer an undocumented pharmacist.
      Comment by JC

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