Yeshua, Messiah Son of Joseph? – Messiah Son of Joesph – EP 13 – Case for Messiah

Who is the Messiah son of Joseph? Was this a post temple concept or a promise found in scriptures? How does Jesus relate to this concept? Listen with us and SHARE this fascinating series on the Messiah son of Joseph!

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Learn more about this subject in David C. Mitchell’s book Messiah ben Joseph!

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  1. We won it together my people ❤❤❤
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  2. That last sentence just gave me chills. Why cover it up? Because they would have to answer for their disbelief and set their ego aside. It’s a hard thing to do and the ultimate sin. I thank God for every heart who turns to Him in times of happy. If you find Him in times of trouble, rejoice for He has brought you to salvation!

  3. I don’t understand. Are you guys trying to argue that there are two messiahs? If that is so then I can’t agree with this.

  4. Repent and believe the gospel. Everybody needs Jesus. Only Jesus can save lost sinners. Jesus wins and the devil loses be on Jesus's side.

  5. Phenomenal research, so comfortably presenter by one whose ❤ has guided him to search out this truth… So comfortable in Judaic literature. ; תודה אם כבוד

  6. The most important KEY to understand how/why the Messiah ben David dies for sin and is resurrected instead of Messiah ben Yosef, is because Boaz raised seed to his HALF BROTHER, the Prince of Israel! Salmon the Prince of Judah married Rahab after Yahshua the elderly Prince of Israel left her a widow with 2 young boys! Elimelech was the firstborn son of the Yahshua to whom Boaz raised seed so that HIS NAME and HIS INHERITANCE would not be lost! This is what Rashi didn't understand…no one has except Jesus own son to whom he gives the promise (Rev. 2:26-28, 21:7, Jn. 5:20, 5:36, & 14:12)! So the line of DAVID is a SET APART LINEAGE WITHIN the tribe of Judah who has the RIGHT OF FIRSTBORN SON for BOTH TRIBES; the Prince of Judah and the Prince from Joseph IS the Messiah ben David and ONLY HE KNEW THAT SECRET and he reveals it to HIS SON WHO SERVES HIM AS HE SERVED FATHER!

  7. I first heard David Mitchell on Dr. Michael Heiser’s Naked Bible podcast. I got extremely excited to see you guys interview him! Thank you

  8. I am confused…. Jesus' Father is God. Joseph never 'knew' Mary, as she was a virgin. So how did Jesus come from the line of Joseph when it was God's Holy Spirit that made Mary conceive Jesus 🤔

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